I'm back, (almost) 5 years later


It’s been a while since I wrote a post here… well, I think that I didn’t know exactly what to write about, maybe some technologies? maybe some katas? but none of them really inspired me. Also, in this period was when I started to work fulltime and at the same time I had to finish my university education, there were a lot of new things to learn and to study, so I started not having so much time.

A few months ago the idea came back to my mind to “resurrect” the blog, yes I use the term “resurrect” because it was dead! The page was down since I don’t know when…

So, as the title says “I’m back”. But I am coming with a different approach. I want to write about experiences that I have had in these last 5 years of working. I have already some things in mind such as: “tips & tricks to become a better software engineer”, “technical practices that I use to do in my daily basis” and some “reflexions and thoughts”. I look forward to writing about all this and much more! And if it is also useful to someone else, all the better. Although, a little disclaimer, we must not forget that this is a personal blog where I write for “the me of the future”.

Thank you, and see you later!